Microsoft has confirmed Xbox Live on Xbox One, and all your achievements, Avatar, Gamertag and Xbox Live Gold account would be carried forward. Same goes for movies and other entertainment content that you might have purchased. However, since Xbox One is not going to be backwards compatible, Arcade Purchases of Xbox Live would not be transferred over.

Following are a few other wonderful things that you should know about Xbox Live on Xbox One and how it would do wonders for your gaming life.

• Cloud Storage 

You can easily access all your games, movies and other saved content anywhere anytime because Cloud storage enables this. This system of storage would unite the entire community of Xbox and would slowly grow stronger as time progresses. It allows flexibility and ease of access as well. You don’t have to wait to be home to watch your TV shows, movies and listen to your songs. Your content would be stored and easily available on a cloud that is accessible at all times to Gold members while its availability to Non Gold members is still not confirmed at this point. 

• Sync 

Weekend results from the sports game you are playing would be updated automatically and would reflect on your player stats with Xbox Live on Xbox One. Because of cloud storage, the syncing of your real worlds with your gaming worlds would be perfectly matched now.

• Smart Matchmaking 

Xbox Live for people with Gold accounts would give you the feature of smarter matchmaking. You would be paired with the most worthy opponents. Smart Matchmaking makes use of advanced algorithms to match skills, languages and even reputation between players to bring out the best match for you and your gaming capabilities. Thus, you get to play with people who are your equals. 

Also, another great thing about this new generation gaming is that there would be no waiting in the lobbies while a match is being searched for you. While the match is found, feel free to catch up on your TV shows, listen to songs or do some other fun activity while the smart matchmaking finds the perfect match for you.

• Live Friend Cap 

The cap on live friend in Xbox 360 made many people unhappy and this cap would be removed completely in Xbox One which would be good news for many people. The cap on Xbox 360 was 100 and now it is unlimited. 

• No Interruptions 

The installation and updating process has become seamless and keeps working in the background so that you are not disturbed. Your games, movies and TV shows would have no interruptions because of your new games that are being installed. As soon as your game is installed, you can start playing without any hassles.


Privacy settings have been enhanced to give you various options for how people see you. Your close friends would be able to see your full name and you can have certain friends only see your Gamertag and nothing more. 

• Living Games Technology 

This is a seriously great development which allows you to keep your gaming worlds alive and thriving even when you are not playing. So, the next time you log in to play, you might find something entirely new and awesome. Also, there is an advanced artificial intelligence which would imitate your playing skill and play like you when you are not around. Thus, your friends would have a shadow of you that replicates your skills and keeps them company when you are away. 

• Subscription Price 

Currently, Xbox Live Gold Account costs $59.99 and that is for 12 months. However, the Xbox Live on Xbox One price for subscription has not been revealed yet.

Microsoft confirmed that if you choose to keep your Gamertag, it would be carried over from Xbox 360 and the same goes to your Gold Account which would now be available to you on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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