Xbox fans of all ages are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Xbox One which is due to be released sometime within November 2013 although pre-ordering is well under way. With cutting edge upgrades and a new, sleek design, Microsoft has engineered a true all-in-one entertainment system that is sure to contend with the rest.

The starting price for the Xbox One varies depending on the region it is purchased in. It will cost $499.99 in the US, £429.99 in the UK, €499,99 in Europe, and $599.99 AU in Australia.

In Japan, however, the price has not yet been released although the converted price, going by the US listing, would equal roughly 49,336.91 Yen.

Much like systems before it, the Xbox One has several promotional bundle options available which will be discussed in more detail below.

Day One Bundle

The Day One Bundle is the official, Microsoft, starter package. It includes:

• One 500GB hard drive Xbox One console equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and Blu-ray capabilities.

• Xbox One Kinect 2, peripheral

• One Xbox One wireless controller

• 14 day free-trial of Xbox Live Gold

For buyers who pre-order the Day One Bundle, it will also include:

• Premium black packaging

• One limited edition Xbox One Day One wireless controller

• Exclusive Day One Achievement

• Exclusive DLC (downloadable content) including:

o Ryse: Son of Rome – multiplayer map and sword with bonus features

o Forza Motorsport 5 – access to a choice of four, completely tuned up, top of class cars

o Kinect Sports Rivals – standout equipment that will define your Champion apart from the rest

o Dead Rising 3 – Frank West and Chuck Greene Tribute Packs that include special bonus features

GameStop Bundles

Although Microsoft has not officially released any additional bundles, GameStop (a US company) offers several of their own which center on some of the more popular, new Xbox One games. These bundles contain everything that comes with the Day One Bundle, listed above, in addition to the game, or relevant games, named in the bundle’s title. For example, their “Xbox One Ryse Bundle” comprises of the Day One Bundle and Ryse: Son of Rome. The price, in USD, varies depending on the bundle.

• Xbox One Ryse Bundle – $559.98

o Xbox One Day One Bundle

o Ryse: Son of Rome

• Xbox One EA Sports Bundle – $679.96

o Xbox One Day One Bundle

o FIFA 14

o Madden NFL 25

o NBA Live 14

• Xbox One Dead Rising Bundle – $559.98

o Xbox One Day One Bundle

o Dead Rising 3

• Xbox One Kinect Sports Rivals Bundle – $559.98

o Xbox One Day One Bundle

o Kinect Sports Rivals

• Xbox One Forza 5 Bundle – $559.98

o Xbox One Day One Bundle

o Forza Motorsport 5

• Xbox One Madden NFL 25 Bundle – $559.98

o Xbox One Day One Bundle

o Madden NFL 25

• Xbox One Battlefield 4 Bundle – $559.98

o Xbox One Day One Bundle

o Battlefield 4


The Xbox One is available for pre-ordering at several retailers worldwide. Most require full payment but there are a few that allow deposits. In the United States, pre-ordering is accessible through,, Best Buy, and GameStop. GameStop will accept a minimum deposit of $100 but only for in-store purchases. In the United Kingdom, pre-ordering is available through GAME,, and Zavvi. GAME accepts deposits as low as £20. In Europe, pre-ordering is facilitated through


Since the Xbox One does not support older version Xbox games, i.e. Xbox 360 games, players might be at a loss as to what they will play on their new console. Some games have been upgraded in order to be played on the Xbox One while still others are altogether new. Some games to look for are (prices taken from

Call of Duty: Ghosts – $59.96/£55.00/€69,99

• Quantum Break – $59.96/£55.00/€69,99

• Destiny – $59.99/£54.99/€79,99

• Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – $59.96/£55.00/€69,99

• Final Fantasy XV – $59.99/€69,99

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