Most Popular Super Mario Video Games by System

The Super Mario Brothers video game franchise has been around forever, and well over 30 years now ever since it’s debut on the classic Nintendo gaming platform in the early 80s.

Today, Mario is still all over the place and it’s many games are still being played and loved on many different systems and consoles.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Mario games and the consoles that they were played on.

Most Popular Super Mario Games

When ranking the most popular Super Mario games of all time, The Washington Post did a good job on this. However, it wasn’t an easy decision, but this is how they did it.

  • How has the game aged? Great games, like “Tetris,” stand the test of time despite technological advances. Considering how well some of the older titles still hold up, I’d say this is a fair question.
  • What was the game’s impact? Influence holds weight too. Sometimes innovation is that game’s legacy. Even if those innovations are outdated, Mario’s DNA lives on throughout the industry.
  • Overall design and structure: Level design and what you can do as Mario are the two foundations of every Mario game. Do its levels play well, or were they failed experiments? How good are the controls, and what do Mario’s abilities contribute to the overall game?

Of all the Mario games out there, they ultimately chose Super Mario Galaxy (2007) as the best one out there.

Where to Find You Favorite Games

No matter what type of games you like to play, the internet makes the process of gaming a whole lot easier. The same is said about mobile device gaming and finding fun Mario games to play on the go.

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